Tippers is the only remaining manufacturer to use the original equipment and techniques to make truly authentic registration plates for your classic, vintage or veteran vehicle.

Established in 1932 we have an unrivalled range to suit all makes and models from 1898-today.
It is this experience and passion for history that means we are the first choice of the best restorers throughout the world.

The DVLA has confirmed in INF104 that all vehicles registered as Historic Vehicles for taxation purpose, and manufactured before the 1st January 1980 (V suffix) can now use our classic black & silver plates. This will no longer "rollover" each April.

For vehicles after this date we have an extensive range of period and Modern reflective plates.

We can manufacture plates to most sizes and welcome enquiries via Email.
Please let us know the size you require and registration, then we will reply with a cost which can be paid by online banking or please request a "pay by link"

Our pressed registration plates are individually made by hand, using our cast iron fly presses,
then our enamel paint is baked in our 30 foot long WWII Camelback Annealing Oven.


This site only shows limited examples of the types and sizes of registration plates that we are able to produce; as a manufacturer we start with sheet metal, so we can make plates of any size and shape and are only limited by any restrictions dictated by our dies, presses, and that of the law.

We can also make signs and plaques in the same style for your garage, shed or a house, name or number, as long as they are not a possible registration.

We also have a large collection of NOS aluminium digits from period manufacturers including Bluemels, ACE, Hills and the elusive Translucent digits for light boxes.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements for any custom bespoke licence plates

Ash, Brian & Josh.     


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